Words of Wisdom: 3 Lessons from Smart Hustle

I love to learn from people in other disciplines because they give me different ways to consider the world around me. Earlier this month, I attended the Smart Hustle conference and it was an awesome opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs. Here are three quick lessons that I took away from the event.

Make Only Great Content

If you make mediocre video, prepared to be judged. - @ThisIsSethsBlog Click To Tweet

Now, more than ever, it’s hard to win over customers and convince them to spend time on our content. Bestselling author Seth Godin drove home this point by talking about how important it is to create strong, thoughtful content, especially videos. Or else, he said, face the consequences when your audience turns away.

Focus on Solving Customer Problems

If you're in a 'bucket list' business, you can lead with the positives. If not, you have to ask: what are the top 5 complaints of dealing with companies in your industry. - @CarlGould Click To Tweet

Business growth expert Carl Gould focused on how to make your brand stand out among its competitors. He said that people will pay more to have those pain points addressed. Therefore, he suggested putting a page on your website that specifically states “problems we solve.”

It’s a simple way to state a business truth: an audience-centric approach allows you to connect to your audience by addressing their needs.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Use their frames of reference, not yours. Don't spin. Just speak. Start laying the trail where they are; lay it at their feet. - @Mitchonthemark Click To Tweet

Be sure that you’re providing information in a way that your audience can relate and access that information. Don’t make it overly complicated. Don’t use a ton of jargon. If your audience can’t understand you, how will they learn to trust you (and do business with you)?

Want to see more from Smart Hustle? Watch Jill Schiefelbein interview me and others at the event.

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